Our Curriculum

Our coach training curriculum, from New Ventures West, is based on three overarching principles:

  • working with yourself to become more creative, present and resilient
  • learning a methodology that is proven, rigourous and adaptable
  • being in a community of fellow learner/practitioners

In all our programs, there is always an element of self-development in which students build capacity, become aware of personal limitations and take steps in bringing greater joy and fulfillment to their lives.

Our methodology is woven through all of our offerings, from the introductory classes to the graduate programs. This facilitates students becoming ever more sensitive and resourceful in working with clients as each program builds upon what has preceded it.

Our learning environment is warm, inviting and supportive. Open, accomplished people from around the world attend our classes and contribute to an atmosphere of steadfast inquiry, candour, honesty, and persistent encouragement. Many life-long friendships have begun in our classes.

Through Convivium, New Ventures West offers two essential coaching programs, each recognized by ICF and providing Continuing Coaching Education Units (CCEUs):

  1. Integral Development Coaching (IDC) – a 3-day workshop that introduces students to the basics of the methodology and provides opportunities for practice and determining their own coaching development process.  It is of interest to beginners, the curious, managers, and coaches from other schools. The course also serves as the pre-requisite for the one year Professional Coaching Course.
  2. Professional Coaching Course (PCC) – a one-year program leading to certification by New Ventures West and International Coach Federation accreditation.

Through New Ventures West we also offer Coaching to Excellence.

Convivium also offers in-house, custom designed coaching workshops.  Consult the Leadership Development section in this site for more details